Friday, October 24, 2008

Parcel Data - Slide 9

In the AutoCad layer show lines as boundaries, the Parcel Boundaries include the following types:
  1. Parcel Line (A line separating two land parcels)
  2. Private Right of Way Line (separating a land parcel from the Private Right of Way)
  3. Public Right of Way Line (separating a land parcel from Public Right of Way)
  4. Air Parcel Line (a line indicating a boundary between an "Air Parcel" and a land parcel or between two "Air Parcels")
  5. Parcel Split Lines (a Line that splits a parcel into two separate parts, each with a different APN but owned by the same owner, and where the parcels go together)

APN Locations include:

  1. APN Number
  2. Position of the APN, usually at or near the centroid of the bounding perimeter of the polygon

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